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What we're offering?

The Colla del Drac Apocaleus – Grallers de Vallirana (Apocaleus Dragon Group – Vallirana Grallers), is a cultural entity dedicated for promotion and restoring of catalonian traditional shows adapted to nowadays and ready to export to all over the world. Then, we're offering a show that combines fireworks, traditional music and street theater. This is an street show and we come with processions, travelling shows, cultural festivals and so on. We try to adapt to each situation and place offering always a nice entertainment. We have a seven heads dragon. On each head we can connect spectacular fireworks, a group of people dressed according to the dragon and a musicians named Grallers ready to delight kids and adults. Vallirana's seven head dragon has been inspired on a traditional catalonian drangons. Apocaleus is a glass fiber beast. With 98 Kg weight, its lenght is 3,7 meters, 2 meters wide and 2,7 meters high. Two persons are necessary to give it life, and then, the animal has 4,5 meters high. Apocaleus has sixteen firework points and its own music. El Drac de Vallirana composed by Anna Folqué on 2001. The traditional group Grallers de Vallirana always comes with the dragon, giving it the music and the dance. ;Grallers de Vallirana is a native catalonian traditional group, made up of four gralles, one drum and two tabals. A ;gralla; (the origin of grallers is a wind instrument shoewd on below photo. Its an instrument from oboé family. Wooden made and truncated cone shaped, 35 cm lenght, with double cane at its end. This cane is blowed by the musician, producing a vibration transformed in a diferent notes while the holes located on the cane are covered on. The gralla is a ethnic Catalonian instrument native to Tarragona but actually widespread all over Països Catalans. On a mediterranean culture, theres another instruments similars to catalonian gralla on its shape and sound, like valencian dulzaina or dulzaina from Aragón or occitan graile in Occitània. In order to find more information about it and this type of groups, don't hesitate to visit es.geocities.com/grallersvallirana. To sum up, a great combination of music, fireworks and atmosphere to get a nice show.